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Chat anonymously Feel free to express yourself

nearD is an open platform that you can make friends, post feeds or leave a comment confidentially. With anonymous profiles, you can express yourself freely.

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Join Groups
to expand social network

Participate in interest groups to start a conversation. You can meet inspiring people from different communities and also be able to invite friends and family.

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Multiple profiles
to chat with others

You can create and customize multiple profiles in your account. Building up different images to join interest groups, meet new friends and expand your social circle.

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Chat freely with voice changer

Conduct group or one on one private conversation in one place. You can send messages, photos, gif or use voice changer to send out audio messages. Connect and have fun!

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Keep up with
hottest trends and topics

With nearD's map, you can discover breaking news in your surroundings and keep you updated on hottest topics and trends.

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Private group
for building personal connections

You can set up private groups for your personal connection. By sharing the groups' link and QR code you can invite your friends and family easily.

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